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The only disappointing thing about the world of Porting and Polishing is that you have to wait until after the manufacturers warranty expires.

Yes, most engine modifications will void the warranty even when it's this good. To make sure, check with your dealership.

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More Power

The efficient flow of air through an engine is instrumental for producing maximum power.

Engine airflow dynamics must be proper to optimize performance.

It's crucial that air flows through the ports in your cylinder head at the best speed, volume and direction to produce the best possible power.

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Less Fuel

Porting and polishing is the perfect solution to save money. It primarily addresses airflow. Your engine is an air pump.

Optimizing the airflow path through your engine results in dramatic changes in the way your engine operates.

The most efficient and least restricted path for air to flow through your engine is the key to lowering your fuel and maintenance costs.

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