Steve Chambers


Study Engines


I have been studying the internal combustion engine for 40 years.

engine building


I have 35 Years Experience building engines of all types

port and polish cylinder head

Port and Polish

I learned that the quickest way to horsepower was to adjust airflow dynamics

I started racing in the mid-70s. I did well.

I quickly accumulated enough points to turn Pro.

1976 Can Am

1977 Suzuki

Once I turned pro I realized

that I needed some serious horsepower just to keep up, let alone win.

I could not get the horsepower

I needed from others, so I learned to do it myself.

1977 New York

1977 Win

That's when

I started winning races.

Now, don't get me wrong — you don't win races with
horsepower alone. - But you definitely need it
to give you a chance at winning.