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For Fuel Economy and Horsepower

Standard Engines

for Standard Engines

Give your engine the chance to make great horsepower while getting the best fuel economy.

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Steve Chambers

Why trust this guy?

21 years of racing taught me how to make horsepower because the work I was getting from others, just did not cut it.

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Race Engines

for Race Engines

Want your engine to put out the Max? To achieve the ultimate engine performance, your heads must be ported and polished.

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All Engine Types

cast iron

Cast Iron





single cylinder head

Single Cyl.


2 stroke jugs

2 Stroke Jugs


Enormous Benefits

4 valve per cylinder heads

More Power, Less Fuel

Porting and polishing is the best way to obtain a better performing engine.

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ported cylinder head

Should Be the 1st Change,
Not the Last

Without the best cylinder head specs, changing to a different camshaft or any other modification will not allow your engine to reach its true output potential.

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Sometimes You'll Have To Tune Your Carburetor, Sometimes You Won't


You may or may not have to reject your carburetor.

The perfect mixture for fuel/air is 14.7 parts of air for each part of fuel.
The carburetor idle screw adjustment should be done, it's the easiest to perform. On all high-performance engines, this should always be done with any ambient temperature changes to make sure you get the best response off idle.
More adjustments can be made to get the best performance by simply . . . . .


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Since I invested in having my cylinder heads ported and polished, I have made my money back in fuel savings.

Daily driver

Getting my heads ported and polished was worth a lot more than I paid. It was amazing the difference it made.

Road racer

I never knew, what looks to be such a small change in my cylinder heads would make such a huge difference.

Oval Track Racing

This is the real deal. It did exactly what you said it would.

Drag racer

Choose your Stage and Pricing

Stage I -- Stage II -- Stage III

Stage I


  • Street Use
  • Gasket Match
  • Basic Port and Polish

Stage II


  • Rock-Solid
  • Blending
  • Intermediate Port and Polish

Stage III


  • Full Competition
  • For Maximum Performance
  • Extensive Port and Polish