PortandPolish.ca is a machine shop based company
with a heart of horsepower

to get in
on some mega horsepower?...

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This website

was developed to make it easy for you to get the highest quality of workmanship, at the best price.

All porting modifications

have been developed on my flow bench.

Will it work?

I have 35 years experience

building engines of all types. I have 21 years racing experience, 11 of which were professional. For more about me, go "HERE"

It's so important for me

to find out what you're looking for. I will make suggestions but remember, it's you that calls the shots.

The Process

1st things 1st

Once I find out what you need, I need to see your cylinder head(s) and do some measurements.


Then I'll hit the books and go over my equations so I know what to sculpture.

My mission:

I will Port and Polish to produce the type of horsepower you need.

I'm not in the machine shop industry.
I'm in the
machine shop, technology, engineering, supply, operations, analytics, learning, horsepower, rpm, torque, delivery business.