Should be the 1st change, not the last

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port and polish math

Engines are air pumps. Doing a port and polish 1st to make sure the air travels through your engines cylinder head ports properly will make the biggest difference even if you don't do any other modifications.

The Best Plan

motorcycle cylinder head

If you change the camshaft, without doing a port and polish you are limiting the difference the new camshaft can make. Changing to a new camshaft with a port and polish will let the camshaft work its best.


4 valves per cylinder

You will realize some difference with modifications but not near the increase you will gain if combined with a port and polish.


Many engine builders that install our ported and polished heads first, don't do any other mods. They are happy with the significant increase in horsepower and torque.

Fine Tuning

intake port

Sometimes they will change the camshaft to adjust the power curve.

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